My name is Tali Tiller. I have an incredible passion for chronicling life stories. I document biographic stories through the arts of photography and videography.
Back when I was a photography student at the WIZO college in Israel, I dreamed about starting a service centered around family history videography. As a start, I chose to make a biographical video about my grandmother. While filming her, I asked her simple questions about how she spends her days. Soon these small questions began to create a beautiful story and incredible connection between the two of us. Through these conversations I got to participate in my own family’s history.

When I finished my studies, I decided to continue down this path I had grown to love so much. Since 2007, I have been creating dozens of professional family biographical films.
Today I am based in Berlin and have truly found a place of inspiration where I can feel moved to create films of depth and importance. For the past few years I have traveled internationally combining my passion for art and film with my love for people and stories. I'm working with an experienced team, who is motivated to capture the connection that people have to their roots through the beauty of film.

Here are some samples of my work:

'Our Neve Zedek'
A documentary about the Chelouche family and its contribution to the establishment of the city of Tel Aviv. The film was screened in the Israel Museum at the 100 anniversary celebration of Tel Aviv).

'My Two Polish Loves'
Tali Tiller embarks on an emotional search to uncover her grandmother's past. Accompanied by her German-Polish Partner Magda, the two women investigate the cemeteries and discover a deeper connection between themselves then they expected. The documentary explores how memories of the Holocaust and war are lived, narrated and passed down by women from generation to generation. Touching on the importance of physical memories and how the shape the identity of the generations to come.
(find online: https://docfilm42.de/film/my-two-polish-loves/)