The most meaningful gifts are those that come from the heart. They allow us to preserve, sustain and deepen our unique experiences through the power of film. People and Stories will take you on a ride through the most significant moments in your life by creating a story that will stay with you for generations to come.

How it works?


First meeting

In our first meeting I will get to know who you are, what you did and where you were. We will learn to understand the general lines of your story, where you come from and where you are going. Together we will go over the family album, and get to know you a little deeper. This phase of the process involves one to three sessions, as needed. In these meetings we lay the groundwork and the roadmap for the exciting film we’ll build together.




In general a 30 to 40 minute film requires 3 to 4 days of filming, but it all dependent on your story and on your wishes! Now it is time to focus on the story! we disconnect the phones, and start filming. In a comfortable, cozy atmosphere of your home or a place of your choice, I will guide you with questions through your story. You can include people close to you, and places important to the movie, as needed.




A talented and experienced film editor will process all the raw clips, any pictures from your family albums, and mood setting background music, to shape your story into a rhythmic, personal, moving legacy documentary film.


What will you have at the end of the process?

You will have a unique personal film to watch at home or to show at special events.
It comes on a memory stick, plus as a protected web link to share with family and friends.